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ESTAL Congress 2015

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03 July 2015

The AFA are pleased to announce that this years ESTAL Congress is being held in Oporto, Portugal on the 17th to 18th of September. The venue for the event is the state of the art ‘Oporto Room’ located at the Congress Centre, within the Porto Palácio Hotel and Spa.

Economic growth and resource efficiency are two sides of the same coin. They are both prerequisites for the sustainable growth of our modern societies and are essential if we are to face successfully the current environmental, social and economic challenges. Growing global scarcity and competition for resources are one of the main issues in today's agenda, highlighting the interdependency between economic growth, resource use and the environment.

Against this background, Estal, the European Association for Surface Treatment on Aluminium, will use its 2015 Congress to redefine sustainability in surface treatment on Aluminium as an opportunity, not a constraint.

The 2015 Estal Congress presentations will illustrate the business value and clear financial gains associated with this new approach to sustainability, making the case for change at the company level, demonstrating best practice for engaging with stakeholders and changing mindsets, rather than simply communicating good intentions.

Among the features of sustainable surface treatment the conference will explore; innovation, best practices, energy efficiency, resource conservation, safe and skill-enhancing working conditions, low waste production processes, and the use of safe and environmentally compatible materials.

Further information and booking for the event can be found on the conference website at

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